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The Craftin' Loft Shop

The Craftin' Loft Shop has Amazing Storefront Shelving in the shop to showcase artisan/vendor handcrafted items available to sell to the public.

Fill out the application to have a chance to show your items in The Shop!

Artisan Showcase Application

Artisan Showcase Application
Are You A Current/Previous 'The Craftin Loft' Event Vendor?
Do you currently showcase your items in another shop?
 Upload Minimum of Three Photos of Items interested to sell
Upload File
Term & Conditions
A Monthly Fee is required to showcase based on your price point.  The Craftin' Loft Shop does not take any portion of artisan monthly sales (only monthly showcase fee). The Craftin' Loft only showcases the artisan items in the Shop and  is not responsible to make sales  for artisan products in the Shop.. A detailed inventory will be provided to artisan on a monthly basis..
"" Fourth Month of a quarterly contract is given to all New Artisan Applicants. Additional Terms & conditions are subject to change.

Thank you for applying! Due to a High Volume of applicants we will respond as soon as possible!


(336) 298-1829



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